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  Artist - Tittel (Info) Format Pris (NOK) Kjp  
  Aerosmith - Love in An Elevator/Young Lust (Germany EX/EX) 7" 30
  Cinderella - Gypsy Road/Second Wind (EX/EX) 7" 30
  Cooper, Alice - Welcome to my Nightmare (DVD - played once) DVD 79
  Europe - Rock the Night/Seven Doors Hotel(new version) (EX/EX) 7" 30
  Iron Maiden - The Number of the Beast - Classic Album (DVD ) DVD 79
  Nargaroth - Fuck Off Nowadays Black Metal (ultra rare Brazil press - 100 handnumb ex EX/EX) LP 600
  Necrophagia - Through the Eyes of the Dead - Uncut (VHS) VHS 149
  Scorpions - No One Like You(live)/The Zoo(live) (EX/EX) 7" 20
  Sex Pistols - The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle (VHS) VHS 99
  Trash - Rock Me?Rock You/Take My Flight (EX/EX) 7" 20
  Udo - Faceless World (Belgium EX/EX) LP 100
  Warlock - Burning the Witches (Vertigo Germany VG+/VG+) LP 80
  White Lion - Wait/Don't Give Up (EX/EX) 7" 20